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Korn/Ferry Announces Milestone Achievement With One Millionth Executive Assessed

May 17, 2012

LOS ANGELES, May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Korn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY), a premier global provider of talent management solutions, today announced that it has reached a milestone achievement, assessing its one millionth executive. 

Since the firm was founded more than 40 years ago, Korn/Ferry has been at the forefront of offering proprietary assessments to ensure its clients have executives in place who are the best fit for the role, culture, and strategic direction of the organization. Research shows that executives who are assessed by Korn/Ferry during the recruitment process are eight times more likely to be promoted than those hired without being assessed.

"Use of assessments in driving talent decisions has increased rapidly in recent years, as businesses recognize the extent to which assessments impact the efficiency and effectiveness of their talent management systems, and ultimately their bottom line," said Dana Landis, Korn/Ferry Vice President, Global Search Assessment.

Assessments play a considerable role in evaluating and differentiating talent. Korn/Ferry assessments and surveys provide key insights around identifying high-potential talent, predicting fit, and developing effective high-performing executives. Korn/Ferry's assessment capabilities take the shape of several key offerings including: Decision Styles, viaEDGE,Choices Architect®, Learning from Experience, Voices®, ProSpective, Survey of Influence Effectiveness, and Coaching Effectiveness Survey.  

Decision Styles Assessment

Decision Styles is a validated and widely used assessment for selection and leadership development. The assessment measures habits of decision-making acquired by leaders through experience, as well as the motives that drive their career decisions. The assessment measures four main components predicting a successful job fit: leadership style, thinking style, emotional competencies, and values and motivation. These results can then be compared to a statistically validated Best-in-Class profile (top 20 percent performers) to gauge an executives' likelihood of success in a particular role.


viaEDGE is an online, extensively validated, and highly accurate self-report measure of learning agility – the ability and willingness to learn from experience and then apply that learning to perform well in first-time or new situations. The assessment measures the following five factors: mental agility, people agility, change agility, results agility, and self-awareness. viaEDGE can help organizations identify their high-potential talent and provide them with developmental feedback and coaching. Information on an individual's level of learning agility is also used to select job assignments and opportunities to enhance readiness for future leadership positions.

Choices Architect®

Choices is a rigorous 360 degree rater research-based approach for measuring learning agility. Choices is designed to identify those with high potential—it is used as an aid in internal selecting and developing of the right people for an organization's leadership succession pipeline and for new job assignments that are strategically critical to an organization.

Learning from Experience™ (LFE)

Learning from Experience is a structured interview process to assess learning agility, which is one of the most reliable indicators of leadership potential. This assessment helps organizations improve their ability to identify people who have the potential to perform well in the future under new and changing conditions — using an interview format.


Voices is a 360 degree development instrument providing leaders with feedback about their relative strengths and weaknesses. The Voices survey leverages the 67 research-based competencies from the Korn/Ferrypowered by LOMINGER Leadership Architect® library, which defines the leadership competencies required for success for individual contributors, managers, and executives.

Prospective Assessment

The most recent addition to Korn/Ferry's assessments is ProSpective—in partnership with LinkedIn. Based on the proprietary science of Korn/Ferrypowered by LOMINGER intellectual property, ProSpective helps executives understand their current level of self-awareness, a critical skill needed to improve on-the-job performance and achieve what they want out of their careers. The assessment is a quick and reliable way to learn top leadership competencies and potential derailers. Assessment takers also have the opportunity to validate their results by inviting select LinkedIn connections to participate in the assessment.

Survey of Influence Effectiveness™ (SIE)

The Survey of Influence Effectiveness (SIE) is a 360 degree assessment designed to help professionals determine how effective they are at influencing others with integrity – a fundamental skill for leaders. SIE measures ten positive influence techniques including legitimizing, logical persuading, appealing to friendship, socializing, consulting, stating, appealing to values, modeling, exchanging, and alliance building. Four negative influence techniques are also measured: avoiding, manipulating, threatening, and intimidating.

Coaching Effectiveness Survey™

The Coaching Effectiveness Survey is a diagnostic and development tool intended for use with managers or others who coach as part of their position. The assessment measures a coach's perception of overall effectiveness against the perceptions of people they coach, providing an opportunity to adjust his/her coaching style to improve results.

Korn/Ferry also administers several third party assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and others.

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