Form: 10-K

Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

June 28, 2023

Note: Korn Ferry or one of its Subsidiaries has 100% ownership of the Subsidiaries listed below, except for Agensi Pekerjaan Korn Ferry (49%), Korn Ferry Mexico, S.C. (49%), Hay Group S.C. and Hay Group CR S.R.L. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Korn Ferry Mexico, S.C.

Subsidiaries Jurisdiction
1. Korn/Ferry International S.A. Argentina
2. Hay Argentina S.A. Argentina
3. Korn/Ferry Futurestep Argentina S.R.L. Argentina
4. Futurestep (Australia) Pty Limited Australia
5. Korn Ferry (AU) Pty Ltd Australia
6. Korn Ferry (AT) GmbH Austria
7. Korn Ferry (AZ) LLC Azerbijan
8. Korn Ferry (BE) BVBA Belgium
9. Korn Ferry (BR) Consultores Ltda. Brazil
10. Korn Ferry Bulgaria EOOD Bulgaria
11. Korn Ferry (CA) Ltd. Canada
12. Hay Group Ltda. Chile
13. Korn Ferry International S.A. Chile
14. WOFE Korn/Ferry International Human Capital Consulting (Beijing) Limited China
15. Boca Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd China
16. Futurestep (Shanghai) Talent Consulting Company Limited China
17. Hay Group Co., Ltd. China
18. Korn/Ferry (Shanghai) Human Capital Consulting Company Limited China
19. Guangzhou Korn/Ferry Human Capital Consulting Company Limited China
20. Shanghai Korn/Ferry Human Capital Consulting Co., Ltd. China
21. PuDe Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. China
22. Hay Group Ltda. Colombia
23. Korn/Ferry International Consultores Associados, C.A.– Colombia Branch Colombia
24. Korn Ferry CR S.R.L. Costa Rica
25. Korn Ferry CR Consultoria, S.R.L. Costa Rica
26. Korn Ferry s.r.o. Czech Republic
27. Futurestep (Denmark) ApS Denmark
28. Korn Ferry DK A/S Denmark
29. Korn Ferry (FI) Oy Finland
30. Korn/Ferry International Oy Finland
31. KF France SARL France
32. Korn Ferry (FR) SARL France
33. Miller Heiman Group (France) SAS France
34. Korn Ferry (DE) GmbH Germany
35. Hay Group S.A. Greece
36. Korn/Ferry International S.A. Greece
37. Korn Ferry (H.K.) Limited Hong Kong
38. Korn Ferry RPOPS (HK) Limited Hong Kong
39. KF Hungary Talent Management Solutions Ltd. Hungary
40. Korn/Ferry International Budapest Individual Consulting and Service Ltd. Hungary
41. PDI Hungary, Kft. Hungary
42. ESI Performance Improvement Private Limited India
43. Futurestep Recruitment Services Private Limited. India
44. Hay Consultants India Private Ltd. India
45. Korn/Ferry International Private Limited India

46. PT Hay Group Indonesia
47. PT. Korn/Ferry International Indonesia
48. Hay Management Consultants Ireland Ltd. Ireland
49. Korn Ferry (IE) Limited Ireland
50. Korn Ferry (IT) S.r.l. Italy
51. Korn Ferry (Japan) Ltd. Japan
52. Hay Group UAB Lithuania
53. Korn Ferry (Luxembourg) S.A.R.L. Luxembourg
54. Agensi Pekerjaan Futurestep Worldwide (M) Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
55. Agensi Pekerjaan Korn Ferry Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
56. Hay Group Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
57. Talent Q Distribution Limited Malta
58. Talent Q International Limited Malta
59. Korn/Ferry Investment India Limited (Mauritius OCB) Mauritius
60. Hay Group S.C. Mexico
61. Korn Ferry Mexico, S.C. Mexico
62. Korn Ferry (NL) BV Netherlands
63. Korn Ferry Advisory (NL) B.V. Netherlands
64. Korn Ferry Investments B.V. Netherlands
65. Korn Ferry Management B.V. Netherlands
66. Korn Ferry NL91 B.V. Netherlands
67. Korn Ferry (NZ) New Zealand
68. Futurestep (Norge) AS Norway
69. Hay Group AS Norway
70. Korn Ferry A/S Norway
71. Hay Group S.A. Peru
72. Korn/Ferry International Peru S.A. Peru
73. Korn Ferry Futurestep (The Philippines) Inc. Philippines
74. Korn Ferry (PL) Sp.z.o.o. Poland
75. Korn Ferry S.A. Portugal
76. Hay Group LLC Qatar
77. Korn Ferry SRL Romania
78. Korn Ferry LLC Russia
79. Hay Group Saudi Arabia Limited Saudi Arabia
80. Boca Performance Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd Singapore
81. Korn Ferry (SG) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
82. Korn Ferry RPOPS (SG) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
83. Korn Ferry SG91 Pte. Ltd. Singapore
84. Korn Ferry (SK) s.r.o. Slovakia
85. Korn Ferry (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
86. Hay Group Ltd. South Korea
87. Korn/Ferry International (Korea) Limited South Korea
88. Korn Ferry (Espana) SL Spain
89. Korn Ferry (Sweden) AB Sweden
90. Korn Ferry RPO (Sweden) AB Sweden
91. Korn Ferry (Schweiz) GmbH Switzerland
92. Korn/Ferry International (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Taiwan
93. Hay Group Limited Thailand
94. Korn/Ferry (Thailand) Limited Thailand
95. Korn Ferry Recruitment (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand

96. Hay Group Danismanlik Limited Sirketi Turkey
97. Korn/Ferry International Musavirlik Limited Sirketi Turkey
98. Korn Ferry LLC Ukraine
99. AchieveForum (UK) Limited United Kingdom
100. Boca U.K. Holding Limited United Kingdom
101. Boca U.K. Intermediate Holdings Ltd. United Kingdom
102. Korn Ferry (UK) Limited United Kingdom
103. Korn Ferry GH1 Limited United Kingdom
104. Korn Ferry Global Holdings (UK) Limited United Kingdom
105. Korn Ferry Global Ventures 2 LP United Kingdom
106. Korn Ferry Global Ventures LP United Kingdom
107. Korn Ferry WHM LLP United Kingdom
108. Korn/Ferry International Limited United Kingdom
109. Miller Heiman Group (UK) Limited United Kingdom
110. Personnel Decisions International, Europe Limited United Kingdom
111. TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (UK) Ltd. United Kingdom
United Kingdom
113. Korn Ferry GV Limited United Kingdom
114. Korn Ferry GP Ventures 2 LLC United States, Delaware
115. Korn Ferry (US) United States, Delaware
116. Korn Ferry Global Holdings, Inc. United States, Delaware
117. Korn Ferry GP Ventures LLC United States, Delaware
118. Korn Ferry ISP LLC United States, Delaware
119. Infinity Consulting Solution LLC United States, Delaware
120. Korn Ferry SP LLC United States, Florida
121. Salo, LLC. United States, Minnesota
122. Sensa Solutions, Inc. United States, Virginia
123. Hay Group Venezuela, S.A. Venezuela
124. Inversiones Korn/Ferry International C.A. Venezuela
125. Korn/Ferry International Consultores Asociados, C.A. Venezuela
126. Hay Group Consulting Limited Liability Vietnam