Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit Offers a Comprehensive, Scalable Tech Suite for Hiring

New Solution Streamlines and Simplifies Experience for Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Candidates

Los Angeles, Aug. 23, 2023 – Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY) today announced it has launched Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit. The data-driven recruitment technology is a one-stop, scalable solution for hiring, including volume, early career and professional roles.

The solution enables organizations to have a seamless technology experience using Korn Ferry’s advanced talent platform that is modular and easily integrates with existing systems. It is cost effective and agile while still providing a high-touch experience.

Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit assists through the entire talent acquisition process. It begins by linking an organization’s business strategy to a flexible, scalable hiring strategy. It offers a bespoke setup that elevates a company’s employer branding and seamlessly integrates with clients’ existing technologies, including applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Incorporating the newest technologies including AI, the solution saves time and money by improving hiring metrics such as time to offer and cost per hire. It can flex to support fluctuations in hiring demands. It also offers automated selection and assessment.

From a candidate perspective, Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit offers 24/7 candidate care, live tracking of the application process, seamless interview scheduling and onboarding programs.

“Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit combines advanced talent acquisition technology with a high-touch approach that assists hiring managers throughout the entire process and keeps candidates fully updated on where they stand,” said Jeanne MacDonald, Korn Ferry Chief Executive Officer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). “What sets this offering apart is that it is underpinned by Korn Ferry’s decades of world-class IP, including success profiles that identify what is critical to succeed in a role.”

Industry experts credit Korn Ferry’s continued focus on innovation as key to creating successful hiring solutions.

“The RPO market is at the cusp of a paradigm change, with technology emerging as an integral piece shaping RPO programs,” said Arkadev Basak, Partner, Everest Group. “Leading providers are making significant investments in RPO technology and innovating in areas such as advanced analytics, high-volume hiring, and internal mobility. Seamless integration and implementation are key in driving adoption and helping buyers keep up with a dynamic talent market.”

“With so many complex, moving parts involved in the overall recruiting process, talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers could be overwhelmed with piecemeal technologies, including incorporating the ever-changing AI landscape,” said MacDonald. “Korn Ferry Nimble Recruit offers a modular solution that can seamlessly tie directly into their existing technology or can create an entirely new platform.”

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