Futurestep Survey: Assessing Motivations and Drivers Critical to Successfully Sourcing Candidates

Survey also Finds Prompt Feedback Most Important Factor in Candidate Care

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Futurestep, a Korn Ferry company (NYSE: KFY) specializing in high-impact talent solutions, today revealed results of an executive survey on sourcing job candidates.

Of the nearly 500 executives surveyed in August 2015, one third said a candidate’s motivations and drivers are the most important factor when sourcing for open roles within an organization. That was followed by a candidate’s skill set at 27 percent and past experiences at 24 percent. Hard-wired traits such as assertiveness and confidence came in at 16 percent, and none of the executives believed the college the candidate attended or the degree he or she attained was most important.

“What executives tell us when they say a candidate’s motivations are most important is that the person they hire must be a good fit for the company’s culture,” said Futurestep Managing Director of Global Operations Vic Khan. “For example, one very potent driver is power – the motivation to attain work-related status, visibility, responsibility and influence. Those who work in a competitive environment and have this driver would likely be highly engaged and successful. Conversely, those same people working in a more collaborative culture may struggle.”

The survey also found that prompt feedback from those sourcing candidates is the most important factor in successful candidate care, with 40 percent of respondents putting it at the top of the list.

“The right technology tools, such as comprehensive applicant tracking systems, are key to helping recruiters provide timely feedback,” said Khan. “And of course, the proper training that offers best practices and processes is critical to ensuring recruiters are communicating effectively with candidates.”

More than two-thirds (68 percent) of respondents say their best candidates are active job seekers, with 32 percent citing passive job seekers.

“Executives may be missing the opportunity to find highly qualified candidates if they don’t pay attention to passive job seekers,” said Khan. “One approach we recommend is to create a strong employer brand that is communicated consistently across a number of mediums including online talent communities and social media channels. Even those not looking for a job might become interested in a company if they see it as a dynamic, interesting place to work.”

Finally, the survey found that more than half (52 percent) of respondents turn to their own professional network first when sourcing candidates. The fewest number of respondents (6 percent) say they rely on internal referrals.

“Having a solid professional network has been and will always be critical for those sourcing candidates,” said Khan. “However, we also recommend that organizations create an internal mobility program to tap into the goldmine of key talent that already exists within the company.”

Survey Results


What’s most important when sourcing candidates?

Past experiences       24 percent
Skill set 27 percent
Motivations and drivers 33 percent
Hard-wired traits such as assertiveness & confidence 16 percent
College attended & degree(s) attained 0 percent

When sourcing for a job, where do you find your best candidates?

Active job seekers       68 percent
Passive job seekers 32 percent

What’s the most important factor in successful candidate care?

Prompt feedback       40 percent
Real-time updates 6 percent
Transparency 35 percent
Recruiter’s superior interpersonal skills 19 percent

What sourcing channel do you turn to first when searching for candidates?

Job postings       14 percent
Your professional network 52 percent
LinkedIn 28 percent
Internal referrals 6 percent

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