Summer Stress: Professionals Say Their Kids Are Harder to Manage Than Their Employees, According to Korn Ferry Survey

-- Nearly Half Say They Alter Their Work Schedules in the Summer to Care for Kids --

-- More than Half Say Their Employers Accommodate Flexible Schedules --

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As summer kicks into high gear, some professionals with children say stress at home may trump stress at work. A new Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY) survey shows that the majority of professionals (68 percent) say their kids are harder to manage than their employees.

Editor’s Note: Survey Results at End of Release

The survey showed that the summer holiday does impact professionals who have kids at home, with nearly half (46 percent) saying they or their spouse alter their work hours to care for children, and 49 percent say they take turns with their spouse to stay at home with the kids.

Nearly a third (30 percent) say they are forced to take unexpected time off in the summer due to childcare issues, 11 percent say they occasionally bring their children to work to avoid daycare dilemmas, and more than a quarter (26 percent) say they work from home more in the summer.

The good news is that more than half of the respondents (54 percent) say their workplace does accommodate flexible schedules to help with childcare issues, and 84 percent say their bosses are supportive of the need to sometimes alter schedules in the summer to care for kids.

“Every working parent knows that it is sometimes difficult to juggle home and work responsibilities,” said Korn Ferry Chief Marketing Officer Jill Wiltfong. “With this incredibly tight labor market, it’s incumbent upon employers to give employees the latitude to be good parents so they in turn can be engaged, effective and loyal professionals.”

About the Survey

The global survey of 223 professionals across several industries took place in June 2018.

Survey Results

Now that school is out, what group would you say is harder to manage?

My kids   68 percent
My employees 32 percent

If you and your significant other both work outside the home, do you take turns

taking time off in the summer to care for your children?

Yes   49 percent
No 51 percent

If you are a single parent or part of couple that both work outside the home, do you

or your spouse alter your hours in the summer to care for your children?

Yes   46 percent
No 54 percent

Are you forced to have more unplanned days off due to unexpected childcare


Yes   30 percent
No 70 percent

If you have younger children, do you or your spouse work from home more in the

summer to avoid having to find childcare?

Yes   26 percent
No 74 percent

Do you occasionally bring your kids to work in the summer to avoid having to find


Yes   11 percent
No 89 percent

Does your organization accommodate parents who need flexible schedules in the

summer to transport/care for their children?

Yes   54 percent
No 46 percent

If you ask for a flexible schedule in the summer to care for your children, how

supportive is your boss?

Very supportive   48 percent
Somewhat supportive 36 percent
Somewhat unsupportive 11 percent
Very unsupportive 5 percent

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