Nearly Half of Female Professionals Said They’ve Missed a Promotion or Opportunity Because of Their Gender, According to Korn Ferry Survey

New Survey Examines Gender and Pay Disparities for Women in the Workplace –

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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- From career advancement to pay discrepancies to re-entering the workforce, female professionals nationwide shared insights on the challenges they face in today’s workplace. A new Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY) survey shows that 40 percent of women professionals said they’ve missed a promotion or an opportunity simply because they’re female.

The survey shows the career challenges many women in the workplace endure, with nearly half (42 percent) stating the pay gap is the most important issue and a quarter (25 percent) said the glass ceiling is the most important issue.

From the responses, nearly half (45 percent) said they have been sexually or verbally harassed at work. When asked what the most important advice other female professionals have given to help others succeed in the workplace, nearly half (44 percent) said to develop a strong network, nearly a third (32 percent) said to have confidence and nearly 20 percent (18 percent) said to showcase accomplishments to key leaders.

“The survey underscores the continued need for action around the important issues and challenges facing women in the workplace,” said Jane Stevenson, global leader for CEO succession and vice chairman of Korn Ferry. “My best advice for women in the workplace is to be confident and passionate. If you want the job, be the job before you even receive the promotion.”

About the Survey

The survey received 738 responses across several industries, which took place in July 2018.

Survey Results

Do you think you’ve missed an opportunity or a promotion at work because you’re female?

Yes   40 percent
No 60 percent

Have you ever been passed up for a promotion because you’re female?

Yes 33 percent
No 67 percent

What’s the most important issue facing women in the workplace?

Sexual harassment 7 percent
Pay gap 42 percent
Glass ceiling 25 percent
Gender discrimination 26 percent

What is the biggest challenge for women in leadership positions in the workplace?

Being treated equally 38 percent
Advancement 22 percent
Getting respect from peers 25 percent
Re-entering the workforce 15 percent

Have you ever been sexually or verbally harassed at work?

Yes 45 percent
No 55 percent

What is the most important advice you would give other females trying to succeed professionally?

Have confidence 32 percent
Overcome perfectionism 6 percent
Showcase accomplishments to key leaders 18 percent
Develop a strong network 44 percent

If applicable, do you feel raising a child has a negative impact on your career advancement?

Yes 45 percent
No 55 percent

How much less do you feel you make per year than your male colleagues in similar roles?

0-5 percent less than male counterparts

6 percent

5-10 percent less than male counterparts 15 percent
10-20 percent less than male counterparts 42 percent
20-40 percent less than male counterparts 15 percent
50-75 percent less than male counterparts 3 percent
75-100 percent less than male counterparts 1 percent
I make the same as my male counterparts 17 percent
I make more than my male counterparts 1 percent

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