Whose Job is Harder, A Fortune 50 CEO or an NFL Coach? Professionals Weigh in Via Korn Ferry Survey in Advance of Sunday’s Big Game

-- Patriots’ Belichick Would Make Better CEO, But Most Would Prefer Rams’ McVay as a Boss --

-- Vast Majority Say Patriots’ QB Would Be Better CEO than Rams’ QB --

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As sports fans across the globe gear up for this weekend’s massive matchup of the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams, a Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY) survey of professionals pits football against corporate life.

When asked whose job is harder, an NFL head coach or a Fortune 50 CEO, nearly two thirds (64 percent) said Fortune 50 CEO. Even though they believe it’s more difficult, 71 percent of the professionals said they’d rather be a Fortune 50 CEO than an NFL head coach.

The survey also dug into the leadership of the two teams headed into this weekend’s game. When asked who would be a better CEO of a Fortune 50 company, 58 percent said Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. However, when asked who they would prefer as a boss, 56 percent said Rams Head Coach Sean McVay. The majority of respondents (52 percent) also said McVay is a better motivator than Belichick, and 70 percent said McVay is more optimistic.

When asked which quarterback would make the best CEO of a Fortune 50 company, 84 percent chose the Patriots’ Tom Brady over the Rams’ Jared Goff. The majority (81 percent) also said Brady is the better team player, and 56 percent predict he will be the highest performer of the game.

About the Survey – The Korn Ferry survey of professionals was conducted in January 2019 and garnered 1,125 responses. Note, due to rounding percentages may not equal 100.

Survey Responses

Which team will win this weekend’s matchup?

New England Patriots 66 percent
Los Angeles Rams 34 percent

Which quarterback would make the best CEO?

Tom Brady 84 percent
Jared Goff 16 percent

Which coach would make the best CEO?

Bill Belichick 58 percent
Sean McVay 42 percent

Which coach is the best motivator?

Sean McVay 52 percent
Bill Belichick 48 percent

Which quarterback is the best team player?

Tom Brady 81 percent
Jared Goff 19 percent

What player will be the best high performer in the game?

Tom Brady 56 percent
Jared Goff 9 percent
Aaron Donald 8 percent
Todd Gurley 10 percent
Sony Michel 5 percent
Rob Gronkowski 12 percent

Of the two coaches, who would you want to be your boss?

Bill Belichick 44 percent
Sean McVay 56 percent

Whose job is more difficult, an NFL head coach or the CEO of a Fortune 50 company?

NFL head coach 36 percent
CEO of Fortune 50 company 64 percent

Which would you rather be?

An NFL head coach 29 percent
CEO of a Fortune 50 company 71 percent

Good leadership requires optimism. Which coach is more optimistic?

Sean McVay 70 percent
Bill Belichick 30 percent

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